About Rowen Giles

Rowen is a New York Licensed Real Estate Salesperson in association with Gold Rock Realty, a licensed real estate broker. Rowen represents buyers, sellers, tenants and landlords. Hire Rowen as your real estate agent to represent you in the purchase, sale or lease of real estate, including residential and commercial property of any size or type. Locations include Brooklyn, Bronx, Queens, Manhattan, Long Island, Staten Island, and upstate New York.


Rowen can help you buy residential or commercial property. With Rowen as your agent, you will get the best deal at the right price with no hassles. Call (844) 465-3762 x333 to schedule a free consultation.


Let Rowen help you sell your New York real estate for the highest possible price in all cash and in the shortest amount of time and without any contingencies. If Rowen can’t sell your NYC real estate, then nobody can.


Rowen helps tenants find luxury apartments starting at $2,500/month in Manhattan and $2,000/month in Brooklyn, Bronx and Queens. To get started, combined income needs to be 40-times the rent and you’ll need 3 months of bank statements, 1 month of pay stubs, a recent tax return, 1st month, last month, 1 month security and 1 month broker’s fee.


Rowen can locate qualified tenants for residential and commercial leasing. If you’re looking to rent vacant units, then hire Rowen for professional services including showings, taking applications, running credit, eviction and background checks and lease signings.

Buyer Services

Identification & Research

Rowen will identify property according to your criteria and then conduct research on the property to make a valuation and assessment of the property’s suitability for your needs. This important work involves conducting a comparative market analysis for each property, which takes into account numerous pieces of information and the time to evaluate each piece.


Rowen will schedule showings for available properties that best match your criteria and will attend showings with you to ask the right questions, get the right information and take the right notes.


Once you’re happy with a property, Rowen will prepare and submit an offer to properly structure a purchase negotiation and set the proper expectations. This work is vital in saving money and getting your offer accepted at a price that’s feasible for you.


Rowen will collect, organize and prepare the proper paperwork and disclosures from the seller in preparation to distribute to you, your lender and your attorney and the appropriate parties in a timely and organized fashion. This work is crucial when there are multiple offers on the table and you want to get accepted, while simultaneously making sure all of your interests are met, as well as the necessary requirements to get the deal done.

Seller Services

Market Analysis

Rowen will conduct a thorough and in-depth comparative market analysis to strategically position your property in the market, so that it attracts buyers and sells for the highest possible price in the shortest amount of time.


Rowen presents your property in a way that highlights its value and strengths. This includes creating a professional brochure with a slick layout that includes pictures and complete information about your property to impress and persuade buyers.


On day-1, Rowen will reach out to thousands of buyers and real estate professionals in New York using an aggressive 9-point marketing plan. When the calls come in, Rowen screens each potential buyer to make sure they’re ready, willing and able to buy. With Rowen taking all of the calls, doing all of the screening and showings, you can rest easy and spend your time doing other things, because Rowen is getting the job done for you.

Negotiation & Closing

Rowen will create a bidding war which creates upward price momentum to get you the highest possible price for your property.  Once you accept an offer, Rowen will prepare the proper paperwork and disclosures to distribute to the buyer and the buyer’s lender and attorney with all of your best interests met, so that you don’t have to worry about anything other than getting paid.

Hiring Rowen


When you hire Rowen Giles to help you buy real estate, you get a friendly, patient, qualified and licensed professional who works on your behalf to make sure you get the best deal. Buyers who don’t hire an agent are unable to uncover hidden gems on the market, identify and discover problems, structure a negotiation, nor set proper expectations, which can lead to paying tens of thousands of dollars in extra money and/or getting stuck with years of regret. If you’re serious about buying real estate, then hiring Rowen Giles is the smartest, safest and most cost-effective thing to do.


If you hire Rowen Giles to sell your property, you will get complete data and market statistics about your neighborhood to guide you in making a strategic price decision. In addition to handling dozens of complex forms, reports and disclosures, Rowen has the expertise to help you present and promote your property in the best possible way. In today’s market, you’re going to encounter lots of competition, tough negotiations, cutthroat tactics, and bidding wars. Don’t you want a smart, savvy and professional negotiator on your side to seal the best deal for you?


Exclusive Agreement

All clients are required to sign an exclusive agreement with Rowen, which means you agree to work only with Rowen. Agreements last for 6 months and outline the terms of the client-agent relationship. Signing an agreement is the formal process of hiring Rowen to work for you.

Retainer Fee

Rowen charges a non-refundable retainer fee of $500. Once the exclusive agency agreement is signed and the retainer is paid, then work will begin. First, Rowen will meet with you in-person to go over the details and answer all of your questions. After you meet with Rowen, you will be impressed and happy to retain him.

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Rowen's Bio

Prior to real estate, Rowen was a computer systems engineer and technology manager for 18 years working for small and large fortune 500 companies, including stints at Microsoft Corporation and the Federal Reserve Bank of New York.

Rowen’s career in technology saw many challenges such as sizing large technical infrastructure, solving complex technology problems, and deploying sophisticated software solutions. Rowen met each challenge with success as a result of careful planning, organizing, directing and managing. Rowen is a results-driven and highly organized professional with strong attention to details.

In 2016, Rowen left his career in technology and founded Rowen Giles, LLC, to provide real estate solutions for home owners and landlords. Since then, Rowen’s company has emerged as one of New York’s premiere real estate agencies.