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Steps to Homeownership

1: Hire an Agent

Step 1 is when you hire Rowen as your buying agent.  Rowen is a friendly, patient, qualified and licensed real estate professional eager to help you find your dream home! Buyers who don’t hire an agent are unable to find hidden gems, discover problems, or structure a negotiation, which can lead to paying 10s of thousands of dollars in extra money and getting stuck with years of regret.

2: Discuss Buying Needs

Step 2 involves a free consultation with Rowen to discuss your buying needs and to decide what type of property you would like to buy. This is where Rowen will learn all the details about your dream home such as location, size and amenities. During the consultation, Rowen will advise you on everything from property availability, closing requirements, pros and cons, and next steps for each phase of the buying process.

3: Pre-Approval

The 3rd step establishes how much you can afford. Rowen will connect you with a trusted lender who will review your financial situation and determine the maximum amount of mortgage for you. Options include low down payments, low interest rates, low closing fees, and down payment assistance. Pre-approval is a deciding factor for sellers who have multiple offers. When Rowen helps you to get pre-approved, you will have the advantage.

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