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Sellers Pay 0% Commission.

If you want to sell your New York house, or if you know someone who wants to sell a house in NYC , then this is a great opportunity for you. Get an all cash offer and pay 0% commission when you sell NYC real estate with Rowen. Closing is quick or on your timeline.  Terms and conditions apply.

Terms & Conditions:

  • Rowen Giles is a New York Licensed Real Estate Salesperson who works in association with D. White, a Licensed Broker.
  • The broker represents the buyer.
  • 0% commission is subject to a “Buyer Broker Fee agreement.” That means if the buyer is unwilling to sign a broker fee agreement, then the seller will be asked to pay commission.
  • 0% commission is subject to distressed properties only. If the property is not distressed, seller will be asked to sign an “Exclusive Right to Sell” listing agreement and pay a commission.
  • Where applicable, seller must provide pics, property details, reports, etc.
  • Person doing business as the seller must be the owner or principal. If a partner is involved, partner’s confirmation will be required.
  • Seller must be ready to sell and ready to transact.
  • Closing is quick in as little as 7 to 14 days, or on the seller’s timeline.

Fill out the form below by entering the address of the property you’re thinking about selling, and I will contact you to schedule a free no-obligation in-person consultation where I will learn more about you and your needs. In many cases, I will have a cash offer already lined up for you before we meet.

Please do not submit properties that are listed with an agent on the MLS.

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